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5 Reasons Why You Need a Desk Pad

Ever since the pandemic, a lot more people are now working from home. This means, people have said goodbye to working at the uncomfortable dining table, and hello to a dedicated home office desk or space.

With a new home office desk, often comes a ton of new purchases. Monitors, desks, keyboards, etc. but one little piece tends to get overlooked. A desk pad.

But wait, you may be wondering, do I really need a desk pad? What benefit or value does a mere desk pad add to my setup?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a desk pad:

1. A desk pad replaces the need for a mouse pad

A desk pad is designed to cover the entire surface of your desk so both your keyboard and mouse will be sitting on top of it. Therefore, the pad replaces the need for a separate mouse pad.

A felt or cloth desk pad also improves mouse tracking as it is a smoother surface to glide your mouse on. And not to mention, a desk pad is way larger too, so it means you can pretty much move your mouse wherever you like.

2. A desk pad makes your workspace more comfortable

It’s no surprise that having something soft to touch is pleasant. So instead of resting your palms on a cold, hard surface. Having a desk pad makes your work desk so much more comfortable. So you can stay productive while you are typing away in deep work or just enjoy browsing the internet.

Comfortable Desk Setup

Credit: @kboy123

3. A desk pad reduces visual clutter

    Surprising but true. Since desk pads are generally rectangular shaped, they create a ‘zone’ for your eyes to focus on. Most people tend to place random items on their desk and once these pile up can lead to a lot of clutter.

    By having a clear ‘place’ for your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals, makes your desk a lot easier to keep clean and tidy.

    Desk Pad

    4. A desk pad protects your desk and your items

    Although your desk may not need ‘protecting’. It’s actually the items we tend to place on our desk that could lead to damage.

    Have you ever tried putting a metal/glass smartphone on to a hard piece of wood? Imagine the potential for your phone and/or your desk to get scratched.

    This is where a desk pad is great to help protect both your desk and all your electronics, devices, coffee mugs, or anything else you want to place on your desk. Oh, and it is a great way to prevent spills on your desk too.

    Cleaning Desk Pad

    5. A desk pad makes your desk look more aesthetic

      Arguably, the most important reason why you need a desk pad is to improve your desk setup aesthetic. If you made it this far, chances are you care about how your setup looks in some capacity. So ensuring that you have something that adds that perfect touch to your setup just completes the picture.

      Nice desk setup

      Credit: @syahhh

      So there you have it. 5 reasons why you need a desk pad.

      If you’re not convinced yet, check out all our reviews to hear what people are saying about their recent desk pad purchases.

      And get yourself a new desk pad from Ryskape here today.

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